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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eddie Chavez, Bunter and Esquire.

The Mets pulled out a 12th inning run to win last night's game against the Rockies 2-1. Once again, our pitching was stellar and their offense was anemic, which produced favorable conditions for the win. One might argue that the Mets' offense was less than stellar given the low score and extra innings, but we actually left ten men on base.

That means that the offense was there, but the finishing touch was delayed. It's kind of akin to arriving early at the club on a Saturday night and getting in good with a hottie immediately...however, you don't seal the deal until thirty minutes after last call out on the sidewalk in front of the club. Hey, baseball and hook-up analogies are compatible.

Endy Chavez produced the winning bunt, which is a bit of an oxymoronic concept. However, Shawn Green did come in to score and give the Mets the win. Chavez's bunt not only produced the win, it also saved Mets manager Willie Randolph from a pulmonary edema. He was not a happy man after watching his team strand some ten runners on base, but elation returned after Chavez's bunt, and all was forgiven.

The euphoric Amazins gave Chavez his propers afterwards, and order and peace were restored to the universe as the Rockies were placed in the correct defeated position. The Rockies have been vanquished twice in the series thus far, and today will be no different. That's according to my prognostications as someone who split a teabag open in order to read the orange pekoe. Orange pekoe produces accuracy that exceeds other varieties of tea.

It's time for me to get back in my groove examining county commission reports and ordinances in order to prepare for my potential job today. This is Jay Bates, signing off and reminding you to have your significant other spayed or neutered. The population is out of control, and we don't need their kind to reproduce and make things hairier than they already are. Direct all complaints to the hand, and all compliments to the comments section.

Go Mets.

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